What to shoot

Anything you think gives insight into true Lions fans. Contribute in whatever manner and style you see fit to give us a view of your experience - and life - as a Lions fan.

Don't just tell us your stories - show us! It's not just what you want us to hear but what you want us to see.

If you're struggling for ideas, start with our topic set:



  • What's on the game day menu? Whether it's for the tailgate at Ford Field or something you do in your own kitchen, show us your specialty! You can take us shopping, tell us about the recipe, and show us how you make it. 
  • What's it like to root for the Lions outside of Detroit? Show us how you follow the Honolulu and Silver from afar.  
  • Tell us about your history as a Lions fan. Who introduced you to the Lions? What are your earliest memories? How much do wins and losses affect you?
Check back each week for new themes of "The Season Of Your Life"